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Cheryl R. Hankerson   

 Recent Selected Engagements

  • Internal Investigation re. issues within an organization, internal culture and adequacy of existing policies and procedures
  • Pending union petition before NLRB
  • Reductions in Force
  • OSHA Whistleblower complaint
  • Revisions and updates to multiple Employee Handbooks and HR policies
  • Multiple employee layoffs
  • Negotiation of multiple terminations and Separation Agreements for employers
  • Accommodation issues under ADA
  • Retention requirements for employee files
  • Response, resistance and negotiation of multiple subpoenas of employers’ files
  • Mandatory reporting obligations regarding teacher physical contact with students
  • Analysis and client updates on Paid Leave legislation
  • Interpretation and enforcement of manufacturers’ representative agreements
  • State requirements regarding employee reimbursement policy
  • Advise, orchestrate and negotiate termination of Head of North American operations
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Renewal of intellectual property (trademarks)
  • Restrictions and rights on Company sale of additional equity interests
  • Immigration issues re. undocumented individuals
  • Employer misconduct, discrimination and harassment
  • NLRB requirements re. employers’ obligations to accommodate employee absence to participate in political protests
  • Background checks for school volunteers
  • Participation stipends for non-exempt employees
  • Environmental liability for property with identifiable environmental issues


University of Virginia School of Law, Charlottesville, Virginia

Juris Doctor

Georgetown University, Washington, DC

Bachelor of Arts

Prior Experience

National law firms as a Principal and before that as a Senior Associate and Associate with focus on:

  • Broad range of labor and employment law cases before federal and state courts, including: Title VII, ERISA, FCRA, FMLA, ADA, religious accommodation, ADEA, OWBPA, OSHA, WARN Act, FLSA, E.O. 11246, USERRA, sexual harassment, GINA, wage and hour (FLSA) class actions, NLRA and other federal/state labor and employment laws
  • Mediations, arbitrations, evidentiary hearings, motion practice, fact-finding investigations, settlement conferences and other administrative proceedings before federal and state enforcement agencies and other alternative dispute resolution
  • Litigator, strategist and consultant to corporate clients on issues concerning employment laws, union avoidance, benefits and compensation, wage and hour, workplace violence, employee drug and performance testing, plant closings, affirmative action plans, reductions-in-force, business restructuring, government contracting, corporate incentive plans, executive employment agreements, employee handbooks and other workforce laws, policies and procedures
  • Represented and successfully defended clients in bench and jury trials before federal and state
  • Successfully defended multiple employment lawsuits in multiple state and federal
  • Secured lawsuit dismissals for clients through dispositive motions for numerous employment cases in state and federal trial courts.
  • Successfully arbitrated discipline and termination cases involving insubordination, violation of work rules, absenteeism and numerous other workplace
  • Achieved dismissals of state and federal court actions based on preemption under the LMRA and the FAA

Litigation Practice

Cheryl is involved in the broad spectrum of litigation needs of the firm’s clients.  It would be atypical that Cheryl would not be involved in a litigation matter affecting a client. (See Selected Engagements Above for Examples)

Education Practice

Cheryl regularly serves educational institutions needing advice and counsel on employment and labor matters. (See Selected Engagements Above for Examples)

Federal and State Regulatory Practice

Cheryl is deeply involved in federal and state regulatory issues affecting employment and  labor matters. (See Selected Engagements Above for Examples)

Employment Law Practice

Cheryl coordinates the firm’s very active labor and employment law practice. (See Selected Engagements Above for Examples)

Not For Profit Organizations Practice

The educational institution clients of the firm, all of which are not for profit organizations, are seeking Cheryl’s advice, counsel and perspective seven days a week and twenty hours a day. From time to time it is not unusual for Cheryl to be considered an ad hoc member of the HR department of clients. (See Selected Engagements Above for Examples)