Economic Development And Job Creation Initiative

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Each year, the Firm will commit to a carefully selected group of startup and early stage companies, that for a couple of years, if necessary, the Firm will contribute as volunteers — its expertise, experience, time and energy for some or all of their strategic, legal and macro financial and planning needs. After the commitment period, those companies selected will hopefully be able to pursue their future without the Firm’s assistance and involvement. We call this our Economic Development and Job Creation Initiative.

The goals of the Economic Development and Job Creation Initiative include: (1) create jobs in and for the community of the company, (2) boost the economic development of the community, (3) attract and retain skilled, educated and highly motivated individuals to live and work in the community, (4) aid in the development, growth, and potential of the company, (5) contribute to the quality of the company’s decision making, (6) remove budgetary barriers to the professional advice the company needs, and (7) save the company the expense of professional services so the company can redeploy those funds for the development of its business.